Department of Water Resources


Well Drillers - Advisory Board
The Well Drillers’ Advisory Board is comprised of five members, whose duties include examining and interviewing potential licensees regarding their experience and knowledge of well drilling and making recommendations to the State Engineer to approve or deny licensure. The Board also advises the Division regarding enforcement actions or complaints against licensed well drillers at disciplinary hearings, and may make recommendations to the State Engineer regarding the suspension or revocation of the license of any well driller. A quorum of the Board meets one day in Carson City and one day in Las Vegas on a quarterly basis to examine and interview potential licensees. The Well Drilling Regulations, NAC 534, are developed by the State Engineer in Cooperation with the Board. All members of the Board are Nevada licensed well drillers with diverse experience in well drilling and are appointed by the State Engineer to 1, 2 or 3 year terms. Members of the Board can be contacted through the Division of Water Resources.