Department of Water Resources


1589 Diamond Valley Objections to Preliminary Order
1588 Nevada Channel Restoration and Clearance Grant Application
1548 Hearing Notice - Diamond Valley (153) Groundwater Management Plan
1547 Diamond Valley Groundwater Management Plan Submission
1540 Diamond Valley Preliminary Order of Determination
1541 Diamond Valley Abstract of Claims
1539 Newlands Project Water Rights Mapping Project Public Meeting September 5, 2018
1537 SNWA Ruling 6446
1487 Presentation for Public Workshop Regarding Existing Water Right Use and Groundwater Pumping in the Lower White River Flow System
1493 Order 1293A Amended order prohibiting the drilling of new domestic wells in the Pahrump Artesian Basin
1494 Public Workshop Regarding Existing Water Right Use and Groundwater Pumping in the Lower White River Flow System
1486 Order 1298 Curtailing new appropriations in Hualapai Flat
1481 Order 1297 Limiting movement of junior groundwater rights
1478 Pahrump Water Rights Relinquishment Mapping Application
1464 Newlands Water Rights Mapping Project Phase 5 Request for Revision Schedule
1456 Order 1295 Curtailing New Appropriations of Groundwater in Elko Segment and Marys Creek Area
1454 Dissolved Mineral Resource Exploration (Lithium) regulatory authority now at the Division of Minerals
1451 Order 1197A Curtailing New Appropriations of Underground Water Within the Amargosa Valley Hydrographic Area
1439 Public Workshops on Humboldt River Basin Groundwater Modeling - January 2018
1437 Order 1292 Requiring water users of the Diamond Valley Hydrographic Basin (153) to install and maintain measuring devices
1435 2015 Statewide Pumpage Report
1424 Pine Forest Valley Curtailment Order
1417 Proof of pre-statutory vested water rights must be submitted to the Nevada State Engineer before December 31, 2027
1414 Amendment No. 1 to Request for Proposal SFD2018
1415 Order Curtailing New Appropriations in Churchill Valley
1305 Water Bulletin on 2017 Legislation
1300 Order 1286 Humboldt Measuring Devices
1301 Order 1285 Little Humboldt Measuring Devices
1297 Diamond Valley Informational Statement
1292 State Engineer issues orders 1283 and 1284 amending the conditions and provisions of permits issued to Cortez Joint Venture