Department of Water Resources

Subdivision Review

A copy of all tentative subdivision maps must be submitted to DWR for review. A fee of $180 plus $1 per lot is required for review of this map. At the time the final subdivision map is submitted to DWR for approval a valid will-serve letter from the water purveyor is required. The fee for review of a final subdivision map is $120 regardless of the number of lots.
  • Is there sufficient water for the subdivision
  • Is it for the correct manner of use
  • Is the subdivision within the correct place of use and if not, is there an expansion of the service area pending
  • Verify surface water rights versus groundwater
  • Check for decreed water
  • Verify water agreements between purveyors
  • Check for drought factors
  • Verify PUC water use duties dependent on lot size
  • Is a relinquishment of water rights for domestic well subdivisions required