Department of Water Resources


Nevada State Water Plan

The Summary of the Nevada State Water Plan provides a complete overview of all parts of the water plan. The summary also contains an Executive Summary as a more condensed presentation of the water plan findings and recommendations.
Section 1 , Introduction, Guidelines and Organization, is intended to introduce the reader to the WaterPlanning process and the mandates which initiated and guide this process. Information on guidelines presents the framework under which WaterPlanning is conducted in Nevada and introduces the reader to the states regulatory and water rights framework. The organization of the entire water plan document is also presented in this section.
Section 2 , Institutional Framework for WaterPlanning and Management, presents a discussion of the various agencies involved in water-related programs, their taskings and responsibilities, and the forums in which WaterPlanning and management is presently conducted in Nevada.
Section 3 , Water Resources and Use Assessment, presents a baseline assessment of Nevada's water resources in terms of climatology and hydrology and contains a number of maps showing these conditions across the state.
Section 4 , Socioeconomic Assessment and Forecasts, presents a similar baseline economic assessment from which forecasts of population, employment and irrigated acreage are determined. This section also includes an economic assessment of employment, the Nevada gaming industry, mining and agriculture.
Section 5 , Water Use Assessment and Forecasts, presents forecasts of water withdrawals based on source and use (total, domestic, commercial and industrial, thermoelectric, public use and losses, mining, and agriculture). Forecasts for a total of fourteen separate categories of water use are presented.
Section 6 , Meeting Our Future Water Supply Needs, presents a broad assessment and summary of the water withdrawal forecast analysis and looks at a number of ways in which future water needs can be met with existing supplies and resources.
Section 7 , Issues and Recommendations, presents a summarization of a number of important water-related issue papers and related recommendations for future water policy development and planning. This section provides insight into Nevada's most pressing water-related problems and explores mitigating factors and options to resolve these issues.
Section 8 , Glossary of Terminology, provides definitions of words specifically related to the subject matter in the Summary.
Section 9 , Abbreviations and Acronyms, provides a condensed listing of the terms used in the water plan or used in other documents related to water issues and planning.